Get Backlinks With Affordable SEO Promotion & SEO Packages has been designed to give website owners an affordable but effective way of getting backlinks for their sites.

We have a number of packages for high quality seo press releases through to packages that build many types of links to give diversity to your link building.

Who Are Our SEO Packages Suitable For?

  • You are a SEO company who has many clients and you can’t maintain all link building without outsource SEO services
  • A local SEO agent who wants to focus on recruiting clients rather than producing the results
  • An experienced website owner who understands the importance of backlinks and how to get them, but also understands creating backlinks takes a lot of time
  • You have websites and you understand links are vital to propel you up the search engine’s but don’t have the knowledge or the inclination to get backlinks yourself
  • You build backlinks to your sites but you want a quick boost to your backlinking efforts


Why You Should Get Backlinks Through Specific SEO Promotion

Getting top listings in Google can transform any business providing you have targeted the correct keyword.  Not only is the traffic free, it’s continuous.  Day after day Google sends you new targeted visitors to your site.

The higher you climb in those rankings the bigger the rewards.  Page one is a must and top three should be what you are aiming for.  The top 3 positions gain anywhere from 60% to 70% of all the traffic for those keywords.

If you hit the number one spot for most keywords you can expect between 35% and 45% of ALL visitors to Google for that term to come to your website.

But how do you achieve these page one rankings?

The simple answer is backlinks. Get other websites to put a link from their site to your site. Providing these links are do follow this will count as a “vote” for your site by Google.

All backlinks are not created equal however with various other technical aspects affecting how strong those vote’s are.

Google is also slowly changing to include social signals into their algorithm, so Tweets, Facebook Likes, Google +1’s and other signals will play a bigger part in SEO in the future.

Can Get Me a Number 1 Ranking?

No we can’t guarantee you that and anyone who says they can is not to be trusted.  What we can do is provide backlinks that will improve your profile in Google and move you steadily up the rankings.

We also provide an industry leading Press release solution that allows your website to feature on very high profile news sites. This can drive traffic and is an excellent indicator to Google that you have a genuine high quality site.  These Press releases typically cost $295 upwards just for distribution but we provide even greater distribution and we write the Press Release on your behalf even if you have nothing newsworthy to say.